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HfS Blueprint Report

IT Infrastructure Management And Enterprise Cloud Services 2017

Unisys HfS Blue Print Report Winner

The 2017 HfS IT Infrastructure Management and Enterprise Cloud Services Blueprint Report provides a market overview and evaluation of the largest providers of enterprise infrastructure managed services. It focuses on the buyer needs of organizations with more than $1 billion revenue identifying relevant differentials between them in categories of innovation and execution.

Unisys was selected to the “Winner’s Circle” noting that Unisys is a security focused provider offering multi-vendor sourcing options showing excellence recognized by clients in both execution and innovation. HfS believes that Unisys Infrastructure Management and Enterprise Cloud solutions offer clients 5 key strengths:

  • Security focused
  • Seamless multi-vendor sourcing options
  • Automation roadmap
  • Cloud-first approach
  • Business-IT alignment

To learn more about this research and why Unisys was recognized as a “Winner” by HfS, download the report by completing the form on the right.


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